Bells & Whistles Photography Studio

Maternity, Newborn, Family, Milestones and Underwater Photography Studio

We are conveniently located in Pembroke Pines, Florida. We offer a one-of-a-kind photography experience, bridging the gap between traditional studio photography and the exciting realm of underwater photography—all without leaving our in-home studio.

Studio Setting: Step into our cozy, professionally designed studio space. We specialize in maternity, newborn, milestone sessions, and family photography. We’ve got the lighting, backdrops, and expertise to capture your cherished moments in the perfect light.

Underwater Photography: Our unique in-home studio features an on-site pool equipped for underwater photography. Perfect for themed shoots, aquatic portraits, capturing special moments or those looking to add a splash of creativity to their maternity or family photos; we’ll capture it all in high-definition.

Our newborn photography sessions are a heartfelt celebration of your newest family member. With a focus on personalized styling and expert posing, our skilled photographer creates timeless images that beautifully capture your baby’s early moments. Our warm and cozy studio provides a comfortable environment where we turn your baby’s fleeting moments into cherished memories that will be enjoyed for generations to come. (Read More)

Our milestone sessions at Bells & Whistles are designed to celebrate those unforgettable moments in your child’s journey. In our cozy studio, we craft a comfortable environment where your child’s unique personality can shine. We work with you to choose the perfect backdrop, props, and themes to match your vision. Our skilled photographer captures genuine and heartwarming moments, whether it’s a sweet smile, sitting up independently, a first birthday cake smash, or any significant milestone. Trust us to preserve these cherished memories, allowing you to relive them for years to come. Let’s create beautiful memories together in our milestone sessions! (Read More)

Whether you’re a cozy family of three or a bustling household of six, our expert photographers specialize in capturing the unique essence of your family dynamics. With a focus on comfort and authenticity, we create timeless portraits that tell your story. From candid moments to creative setups, our personalized approach ensures your session is a memorable and enjoyable experience. Join us at Bells & Whistles for a fun-filled family photo adventure that will cherish your bonds for generations to come.” (Read More)

Our experienced photographer understands the significance of this special moment in your life, and we aim to create stunning and heartwarming images that celebrate the journey of motherhood. We have a selection of different backdrops and complimentary flowy fabrics in our studio, we’ll work with you to ensure your maternity session reflects your unique style and personality. Let us preserve these cherished memories for you, so you can relive the magic of this incredible chapter for years to come. (Read More)

Get ready to capture breathtaking moments beneath the surface when you and your loved ones step into the world of underwater photography. Whether you’re expecting a new addition to the family or simply want to document your family’s journey together, our photographer will ensure a one-of-a-kind experience. Immerse yourself in the magic of underwater beauty as we create stunning visuals using fabrics and dresses that flow gracefully underwater. Capture your love and connection like never before in a serene and scenic environment. With Bells & Whistles your underwater maternity or family session will result in breathtaking memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. (Read More)

Meet The Studio Photographer

Hi, I’m Sarah, a dedicated studio and underwater photographer based in Pembroke Pines, Florida. I’m thrilled to announce the opening of our in-home studio. Rooted in my deep passion for capturing the cherished connections of family, the wonder of childhood and ethereal underwater portraits, this studio serves as a sanctuary of creativity, wonderment, and timeless elegance.

With a steadfast dedication to preserving fleeting moments, I find solace in documenting narratives that evoke emotion and contemplation. The beauty of family photography, the unforgettable memories of newborns, and the anticipation of maternity moments hold a special place in my heart. 

In my quest to capture the essence of each child’s unique talents and personality, I create settings that mirror their individuality. With carefully chosen backdrops and props, I endeavor to craft a visual narrative that resonates with their innate brilliance.

Yet, my studio is a canvas that extends far beyond the earthbound realm. The allure of underwater photography has been a steadfast muse throughout my life. Within the intimate embrace of our very own pool, I’ve discovered the unique ability to capture the serenity of underwater movements.

My journey into the world of photography began over 15 years ago, intertwined with the travels of my now husband, Chris. These shared experiences laid the foundation for my creative exploration, kindling a love for storytelling through imagery, and underwater exploration that continues to burn brightly today.

Whether your heart resonates with the art of photography, the allure of visual storytelling, the precious moments of family connections, or the enchantment of childhood’s wonders, I extend a heartfelt invitation to join me on this captivating journey. Here’s to the unfolding of horizons and the art of encapsulating moments that echo with depth and meaning.

With warm regards,


Client Reviews

“I had very high expectations for photos of my newborn baby girl and Sarah hit it out of the park!! She took such adorable and beautiful photos it was impossible to pick which ones to print because I loved them all! She is also a baby whisperer – my baby didn’t cry once because she handled her in such a delicate way (she’s an experienced mom of 2 herself!). Needless to say, we will 100% be back for her 1 year old smash cake photo shoot!! Thanks, Sarah!!


“Our family’s experience with Bells and Whistles Photography was truly special. The efficiency of their service ensured that our kids didn’t perceive it as lengthy session, allowing them to remain engaged and interested. The comfortable energy created an atmosphere where everyone felt as ease and could be themselves, The memories and photographs we captures with Bells and Whistles Photography will undoubtedly last us a lifetime, making it an invaluable treasure for our family.”