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Five reasons to book your photographer and videographer with the same wedding studio.

A Wedding photographer is one of the first vendors a couple books when planning a wedding, second only to then selection of the wedding venue..  In the past, videography was an element that was decided upon later in the planning process and of secondary importance.   These days the art of wedding videography has been elevated to new heights and it has become a must for most couples.   Photography only tells part of the story. It lacks the ability to capture your intimate moments in motion: the first dance, the emotional speeches, the vows, and also the time you spend preparing, dressing up, putting on make-up or talking to your guests. The video from your wedding will keep those moments alive forever.

Since Photography and Videography go hand in hand, should this service be provided by the same company? There are good reasons to think so:

  1. Synchronization/Efficiency

When you hire Bells & Whistles your photographers and videographers will function as a team. Since they know each other well, they work in sync and avoid standing in each other’s way. Uncoordinated operators are likely to struggle for the best angle, preventing each other from doing a good job. You probably don’t want to see photographers in the video any more than cameramen in the wedding photos.

Synchronization plays an important role in our art direction.  When you hire two companies you may have two competing visions.  With Bells & Whistles, your lead photographer will provide art direction that works for both photography and videography.   We feel that this method leads to more natural photos and cinematic video simultaneously.  This means you don’t have to do things twice.   Our process not only saves you time, but leads to better results.

  1. Mutual assistance

Photographing and filming of a wedding is a complex process that usually requires the use of lighting equipment and many props. Our wedding photographers and videographers are there to support each other, which shortens the preparation time and ensures everything goes smoothly.

  1. Cohesive style

With Bells and Whistles you can be sure that your photos and videos are telling the same story.   As I mentioned earlier, synchronization plays an important role in our art direction.  Since the art direction is designed to work  for both photography and videography, the videos will both come from the same intimate moments and interactions and have the same cohesive look and feel.

  1. One point of contact

The wedding is a wonderful, but also a very stressful event that requires a lot of preparation and meetings. If you decide to hire Bells and Whistles for wedding photography and videography services, you will simply save a lot of time. We are sure you don’t want to tell the same story twice or have to develop your timeline twice, arrange payments, etc and this will be necessary if the photographer and videographer aren’t from the same studio.  We’ll spare you unnecessary headaches and save you a lot of time.

  1. Cost Saving

The decision to book a photographer and a videographer separately can be more costly. Better coordination provides a more efficient use of our time, equipment and resources, resulting in savings that we are happy to pass on to you. Ask for the “All The Bells & Whistles” package.

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Maria & Samuel

THE ABSOLUTE BEST! Chris and his team was the best decision we made. They are super talented professionals who pay close attention to detail, are amazing to work with, and have forever left a beautiful mark in our lives. Their work is impressive and carefully crafted. Our highlight video was absolutely perfect – I cried watching it – and I didn’t even cry at my wedding! Their work is so moving! We get to relive the wedding every time we watch it. Needless to say, we were extremely impressed with their videography and photography. Make sure to hire both services!
But let me tell you what also matters: Chris’ creativity & adaptability. This team isn’t just professional, on time, and caring. But they are smart and quickly change a chaotic situation into something that works for everyone. The day of my wedding, it rained, no, it stormed. Most of the locations for photography were wet and could have derailed the sessions otherwise. However, Chris brought umbrellas for us – and the pictures? So so romantic and beautiful with them. In fact, I dare say I was quite happy it rained – they made sure we got awesome and unique shots by working with the rain and given the rushed circumstances – the little amount of light, the puddles, you name it, THEY made sure it didn’t matter. Everything came together amazingly. WE HAD A BLAST! Taking photos and videos. They give you GREAT direction and have a wonderful eye for incredible and unique shots. We couldn’t be happier. Truly, best decision ever. Also – what a pleasure to work with! They were so responsible and full of knowledge and reassurance. Omg, what else can I say? THEY ARE THE ABSOLUTE BEST. I am grateful for that I was able to work with them – all our family members enjoyed them. Do yourself a favor and get them – worth every single dollar.